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Prototypes are draft versions of products being used for exploring the ideas, demonstrating design concepts, helping communication, and gathering feedbacks. A prototype can be a low-fidelity one made from paper drawings, or a high-fidelity one which is close to the real product from a user's perspective.

Here are a few prototypes I created for mobile apps BEEN and BingoTrip. These prototypes helped me validate user interfaces and interactions. They were also used in usability testings.

Paper Prototype: for mobile app BEEN

Made with POP. To start interacting with the prototype, click/tap the icon 'Been' on the screen.

Interactive Prototype: for mobile app BingoWalk

Made with Justinmind. This video is a screencast of interacting with the prototype.

Interface Prototype: for mobile app BingoWalk

Made with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator