Hello! I'm Euccas Chen.

I'm a software engineer based in San Francisco. I enjoy building production services and engineering infrastructure platforms with delightful developer experiences.

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What's New


Updated here a bit. Recenlty I'm working on fixing my blog and adding a new project profile here.

My quote of the day:

Do something different to make a change, one piece a time.


"Do what you love and do it often." - Holstee Manifesto

Places where I keep a journal.


I believe in doing things, even small ones, with big love.

Things I ever built for solving a problem, creating an experience, or experimenting a design.

VR Express


A summary of the VR and game apps I made in 2017.

Added in Feb 2018

App JustMeet!


A web app for JustMeet, a mobile social networking app which allows you to find and create local events and to stay connected with friends.

Added in Jun 2016



The notes I took on software engineering skills.

Added in May 2016

App Ephic


An app for Product Hunt lovers. Do not miss a product you may fall in love with each single day.

Added in Dec 2015

iOS App BingoTrip


An iOS game brings fun to every minute of your road trip. Enjoy the voyage of discovery with friends, families, and a different Bingo game.

Added in Aug 2015


To me, design is as much a matter of anticipating problems as it is solving them.

My interests in Interactive Design and User Experience Design come from the belief that design has the unique power of changing the relationship between humans and technology, and transforming every aspect of people's lives. Here are some of the work I did in the past for mobile application design.